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What is a recovery? A recovery is the successful retrieval of an overpayment made in a prior year. Recoveries will arise when APM is successful in having your liability in a prior year recalculated to a lower amount. The difference between the original & adjusted liability amounts represents the recovery. At APM Solutions, one of our main objectives is identifying strategies that can lead to recoveries.
When seeking recoveries, how many years can I go back? The applicable legislation provides that a business can seek retrospective recoveries up to 4 years prior to the current period. For example, a review undertaken in the 2016/17 year will encompass the prior year’s 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 & 2015/16. With the review also encompassing the current period, this effectively creates a 5 year window for review purposes.
If the review identifies that my WorkCover Premium or Payroll Tax liabilities are being undercharged, what will happen? APM Solutions core objective is to assist businesses in reducing these liabilities. The review though may identify that these costs are in fact under-charged. In this situation, it is our responsibility to inform you of these findings & advise you of the potential implications associated with not having those findings addressed. APM does not have the authority to compel you to pursue the implementation of any issues identified through our review. This is regardless of whether those changes will lead to a saving or an increase in your liabilities. APM will provide information to you in confidence & will leave it to your discretion as to what changes are acted upon.
I have a good WorkCover claims record, therefore would a review be of any benefit? The WorkCover premium calculation incorporates many variables, only one of which is your claims record. Some of the other variables that impact on your premium include your remuneration, industry classification, succession, grouping & your workplace setup. Any one of these variables if not correctly utilised in your premium calculation can lead to significant over-charging. APM Solutions will review all relevant variables that are impacting on your premium to ensure they are being correctly applied. 
Is APM Solutions an insurance company? APM Solutions does not provide insurance. We are an independent consultancy firm that assists businesses in obtaining WorkCover Premium & Payroll Tax savings.
I already have an accountant or an insurance broker handling my insurance affairs. Why would I need your services? APM Solutions offers businesses an opportunity to deal with a specialist in the WorkCover Premium & Payroll Tax areas. An accountant or insurance broker may possess some knowledge about these systems, but it is generally only a basic understanding. This is because their specialisations lay elsewhere, whether it is providing tax advice or sourcing insurance. APM Solutions are able to offer businesses guidance & advice in these areas that is superior to that of any other intermediary.